All stories are about wolves. All worth repeating, that is. Anything else is sentimental drivel.

All of them?

Sure, he says. Think about it. There’s escaping from the wolves, fighting the wolves, capturing the wolves, taming the wolves. Being thrown to the wolves, or throwing others to the wolves so the wolves will eat them instead of you. Running with the wolf pack. Turning into a wolf. Best of all, turning into the head wolf. No other decent stories exist.

- The Blind Assassin (2000) by Margaret Atwood

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My mom was super sweet and bought me this huge and amazing vegetarian cookbook, but also, who are we both kidding, I literally have only cooked three two meals in the almost two months I’ve been here.

(I thought that I cooked three, but then remembered that one of them just involved reheating meatballs that my mom cooked and let me take home when I visited them four weeks ago).

You have a vegetarian cookbook. I have too many vegetables. Let me know if you want to tag team a meal.


snowbouquet asked:

What's your opinion on there being "fake" and "real" fans/nerds?

No Such Title Answer:


Until I meet any obviously fake human beings — and I think they’d have to be held together with glue, or have the eyes painted on, or really be dolls or slugs or something — I think all people, not to mention fans, nerds, geeks and suchlike are real.

Some people haven’t read/seen/done as much as others. Some people haven’t been around as long. Some people wear T-shirts without knowing everything about what the T-shirt represents. But they are still real, and (and this is the important bit) everybody starts somewhere

People at my signings sometimes tell me, apologetically, that they aren’t real fans, they’ve only read one book or a single comic, not like the people who know every obscure reference I make and win quizzes on my life and times that I would probably fail. And I tell them I’m glad they read the book. And I am.

Neil Gaiman always has the best replies, guys. He just does.

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"We would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright."

A Moveable Feast
Earnest Hemingway

{No. 105}

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Who the hell’s Earnest Hemingway? 

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book police

"If you wake up and discover your route to the kitchen impeded by books, it’s possible that it’s time to transition from being a book accumulator to a being a book collector. There are four stages in this transition: identification, organization, acquisition, and preservation."

from From Book Accumulator to Book Collector: A How-To (via bookriot)

My book collecting is has been in a state of existential crisis the past six months.